From the Team THAT Brought Innovation to DIGITAL HEALTH

Smart TV / OTT Set Top Box

Utilize OTT Set Top Box connected to Smart TVs with Connected Devices, Content and Personalization


Personalyze / AI

Use of Machine Learning / AI with Data Insights from a variety of sources to drive better Alignment / Engagement


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Voice Assisted Technology

Enable the use of Voice Assisted Technology in a variety of solutions to help with user Engagement

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Internet of Things (IoMT)

Developing the use of small IoMT solutions to connect a variety of solutions in a cost effective manner

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As of 2019, there are more than 182 million OTT subscription video service users in the US. (eMarketer)   The US has over 820 million connected video devices (VBA).  71% of internet users also use OTT Services. (VBA).  47% of US Wi-Fi households own a streaming box/stick (Marketing Charts).  On Average, 49% of internet users use an online video subscription or a network TV app at least once a week (VBA).  OTT users access video content on three devices across three different OTT services on average (OpenX).  According to eMarketer, 55.1 million people will no longer watch traditional pay TV by 2022.

With more and more seniors bringing Smart TVs and OTT set top boxes into their homes, it enables Wi-Fi connectivity to be brought into the home, allowing for connected solutions to send data to the cloud.

The OTT set top box allows for a bigger screen for seniors, a central platform for engaging someone in their care, highly personalized for their conditions.


The Life365 Personalyze solution allows for the use of Machine Learning / AI to personalize connected solutions for individual patients to better drive engagement and ultimately the extraction of patient data that can be used thru Predictive Analytic / AI systems to better target a patients care.

Personalyze learns as Data Insights pass thru the system and align the right connected solutions with a patient in order to achieve the maximum adherence, with the greatest outcome at the greatest ROI.  In addition, Personalyze not only selects the best solution, but engages the patients in use of those solutions to extract the best possible actionable data.

Personalyze will be used to drive the LifeConnect "Careable", IoMT devices and Patient Engagement Apps in order to engage and extract the most valuable data with the best ROI.

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Life365 is connecting its Virtual Care Platform to leverage the many Voice Assisted Technologies that are entering the consumers home today.

This includes leveraging the LifeConnect "Careable", Smart TV / OTT and the Life365 IoMT Hubs, Smart Phones and Tablets to provide data to the cloud (Personalyze) and provide a personalized experience for engagement with the individual users.

Eventually the Life365 connected devices / solutions will be incorporated into the Voice Assisted Technology Platform (bluetooth connected), providing the data to the cloud and crafting the patients experience based on their own data.


The team at Life365 is very experienced in IoMT, being one of the first teams in the world to create a IoMT of Healthcare helping to drive better economics in deploying and personalizing solutions for patients.

The Life365 team understands the friction points in connecting a patient to their healthcare provider.   One of the major friction points is "Pairing" and "Connecting" devices to the cloud and clinical backend.   The Life365 IoMT devices should be "Self Healing", "Self Pairing" and connected directly to the cloud thru Cellular or Narrowband IoT.

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